Invenio was founded in Meridian, Idaho in 2016 by a small team of software engineers with a vision of bringing change to the world through technology and automation.

Having worked in a variety of technological stacks in the software industry, our team has developed websites, mobile applications, traditional desktop applications, and has experience in everything from database management to front-end design and development.

We are well-equipped to handle whatever website customization and development your business has a need of and relish the opportunity to work with local companies here in the Treasure Valley and beyond.

Bryce Call

Director of Operations

Bryce Call headshot

Bryce has a passion for amazing technology and well run organization. From his experience at a number of tech companies, including Maura Software and HP, he has developed the skills needed in today’s software development industry.

When he isn’t working on “the next big thing,” Bryce loves spending time with his wife and three children. Swimming, mountain biking, tinkering, and working on an ongoing list of home improvement projects tend to occupy most of his time outside of work.

Jordan Balls

Director of Core Technologies and Marketing

Jordan has spent most of his professional career as a software contractor, working for various government departments and utility companies.

From this experience he has learned the importance of effective client communication and the ability to prioritize tasks to meet (and beat!) deadlines.

Armed with a passion for software and its ability to automate mundane tasks, he strives to find ways to save client’s time so that they are more available to focus on growing their business.

Cameron Lilly

Director of Engineering

Cameron is a talented Software Engineer and creator. He loves learning new things and solving challenging problems.

He also loves playing basketball and playing family games with his four little girls.

Kevin Hardy

Kevin loves building awesome things using web technologies.

He also loves Lord of the Rings, Super Mario, and everything in between. He can juggle five balls, and is great at juggling many development tasks at once. He loves building simple yet powerful user interfaces that are fun to use.

Beki Call

Beki loves making awesome things happen and being apart of something bigger than herself.

Beki has experience in content development and social media marketing. She is also now developing skills in computer programming and WordPress.

Jordan Jensen

Jordan caught the programming bug ever since his college days and continues to learn his craft in and out of work, for fun! 

Jordan has extensive experience working with massive databases and full stack web development. He has a passion to learn, and determination to solve all problems in his path.

Andrew Barta

Andrew is an experienced software developer with years of experience in the Financial Tech Industry and Mobile Development.  

He loves to write code and solve complex tasks.  As a Boise native, Andrew has a strong desire to help the area continue to be great.